Time-frequency: a recognized expertise

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The installations of the Time-Frequency Department and the expertise of its personnel enable us to undertake measurements for outside parties but also to develop systems such as specific measurement banks, synthesis chains, etc.

Recognized expertise

FEMTO-ST’s Time-Frequency Department is associated with the LNE (the national laboratory of metrology and trials) and is accredited by the COFRAC (French committee for accreditation) to establish calibrations for devices, furnishing a band signal from 1 MHz à 18 GHz.

Worldwide success

ULISS - oscillateur cryogénique ultra-stable

The world record for stability has been recorded with ULISS, the ultra-stable cryogenic oscillator.


  • geodesy
  • space navigation
  • radio astronomy
  • metrology
  • qualification of industrial oscillators
  • fundamental physics


Benoit Dubois, PhD
Electrical engineer
Time and Frequency and Embedded systems
FEMTO Engineering
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