Single-crystal thin films on wafer

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We have recently developed a specific process based on wafer bonding and polishing techniques. We are able to produce 4 inch customized hybrid wafers. A great deal of materials can be bonded together like crystals, metals or polymers. The wafer thinning enables to obtain layer thicknesses ranging from one to a few tens of microns. Moreover, the physical (piezo, electro, optical) and chemical properties are not altered by the fabrication process.


Single-crystal thin films on wafer offer




  • Wafer size : 3 or 4 inch
  • Bonded materials : Si, LiNbO3, glass, quartz, saphir...
  • Bonded surface > 98%
  • Traction bond > 25MPa
  • Layer surface roughness < 1nm
  • Layer thickness range : 1µm to few tens of microns



  • Radio-Frequency: sensor, source, filter...
  • Photonics: laser, electro-optic sensor...
  • MEMS: actuator, sensor...

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