A poster at IFCS 2016

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Florent BASSIGNOT, Microfabrication Engineer at FEMTO Engineering, attend May 9th to 12th the 2016 IEE IFCS, International Frequency Control Symposium in New Orleans, USA.

He presents a poster on "New Radio-Frequency resonators based on Periodically Poled Lithium Niobate thin film and ridge structures".

These new resonators are the result of a work on specific developments of clean room technologies conducted in the frame the RACE3 project with FEMTO-ST, supported by the Labex Action.

Developed technologies:

  • Hybrid wafers
  • Ridge structure
  • Poled wafers


  • suitable for mass production,
  • simple to implement,
  • custom-designed.

Opportunities of technological transfer:

  • Photonics: Electric field sensor, second harmonic generation…
  • Space & Telecom: resonators, sensors…


Contact :
Florent Bassignot
tél : 03 81 66 55 83

Microfabrication in clean room facilities

Hybrid wafer

Hybrid wafer


Ridge structure

Poled wafer

Poled wafer